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Isidor and Angelika with Lena and Julia

The Wiesl, the small meadow where our hotel stands today, has been part of the Glirgerhof for generations and was used by the Mahlknecht family as a mowing or alpine meadow on the Riedl (as the area is called here). Where the house now stands in the meadow, there used to be a stable and a hay barn, so that the hay brought in could be stored there. In the 1970s, after the unpaved cart track up the Riedl was turned into a road, Jakob and Hanna Mahlknecht thought about building a snack bar along the new road with a lot of pioneering spirit and a spirit of optimism. On July 10, 1975, the Wieslhof was opened as a small snack bar by the Mahlknecht family.
The name Wieslhof comes from the small meadow below our hotel. A few years later, Isidor followed in his mother's footsteps after completing an apprenticeship as a chef and numerous internships in various South Tyrolean businesses. In 1978 the first guest rooms were built and in 1996 Isidor and his sister Elisabeth dared to undertake the major conversion from a small snack station to a small but fine hotel. We have been running the business together since 2008.
Nomen est omen: So even the name goes back to the roots.
our farm

The "Ebenbinderhof"

In addition to the Wieslhof, we also have a small farm in Jenesien, the Ebenbinderhof, which we have been running since the death of my parents (Angelika). That means we had to think about how we could continue to run our hotel and our farm, the Ebenbinderhof, and how both businesses could benefit from each other. Isidor and I can't milk cows like my father did, so we changed a few things around: until the coronavirus era, we bought calves from Isidor's brother when they were one month old, reared them ourselves and then used the meat in the hotel. Now we buy the young cattle from our neighbor, so we can observe how the animals are kept and fattened. The welfare of the animals is important to us.
The whole world is talking about sustainability and environmental awareness and we try to keep the cycles short. On our farm we have a huge garden, from which we have all lettuce, unsprayed - organic, cucumbers, tomatoes, raspberries, zucchini, beans, white and cauliflower, pumpkins, herbs such as sage, basil, parsley, chives come from our own farm and we cook our own berries (raspberry, currant, strawberries) to jam. We hope that you enjoy our food and that you notice the difference: small, fine and from our own farm!

Dedicated to our nature since the beginning

  • Use of regional products from the Steineggnen farmers, such as eggs, peppers, tomatoes,
  • Use of our own farm products such as salads, vegetables, fruit, currants for jams, flowers for table decorations
  • Use of local South Tyrolean products such as milk, cheese, meat, wine, because it tastes best and our farmers cultivate their farms with a lot of dedication and love. It must therefore also be up to us consumers and retailers to use South Tyrolean products as a sign of respect for our farming community. Farmers cultivate our land, their work has made it to that what it is now  without farmers there would be no bread, no mountain pastures, no milk, no meadows, no apples. Thank you for being here!
  • Sustainable: with our solar pannels, we produce our hot water with solar energy
  • Drinking bottles in all rooms to avoid plastic waste - please use them! You are also welcome to purchase them from us.
  • Consistent waste separation - there are various garbage-cans in our garage to separate waste better.

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